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Food That Stood The Test Of Time

Come Eat, Love It, and Come Again
Live Pianist
Every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday
Wood Burning Oven
Come enjoy our famous T-Bone Steak!
Wine Tasting
Come join our monthly wine tasting

Experience the true spirit of Italy

The Caraffa Story

Since opening in 1990, Caraffa has become a very well established Italian restaurant due to its accurate, unique and true embodiment of "the family restaurant".


After spending some time here, you will soon realize that it is not just another Italian restaurant, but that it houses an authentic, rich atmosphere, crafted with care, love and devotion by Michela and Enrico.


In accordance with our family-based manifesto, we believe in preservation and pride ourselves in the fact that we order only top quality ingredients for all our dishes and meat which is strictly free range. As a result, our signature dish has become the Costata Fiorentina, a 500g T-bone roasted in the flames of the pizza oven and dressed with olive oil, black pepper and a perfect amount of garlic. Our home-made pasta is meticulously made, which ensures that our gnocchi and lasagne are profusely praised to almost blush-evoking lengths.


Our values stretch much further than the food on your plate though. We ensure that we have a personal relationship with most of our clientele and are thus always in the restaurant and always available to them, both as friends and service providers. Our waiters embrace and follow this tradition as they provide first-rate service and free smiles.


Do join us at our Italian home.

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